The opportunity is now.
The Cannabis Market

Our Strategy

Strategically Grow

We are investing in and acquiring assets in markets where cannabis is recreationally or medically legalized.

Leverage Expertise

We are working with strong operators to expand and optimize their cannabis operations.

Develop High Quality Products

We are utilizing proprietary technologies to produce flower and extracts that cannot be matched.

Institutionalize Operations

We are leveraging intellectual property, sales and marketing efforts across multiple jurisdictions.

U.S. Cannabis Market

  • The cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth globally as many jurisdictions have now decriminalized cannabis and have moved toward medicinal and recreational legalization.
  • The United States regulatory environment is murky given cannabis is legal in many states but remains a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act.
  • CordovaCann sees this as an opportunity given that federal regulation is inhibiting access to capital for the industry, yet the growth of the industry is robust and the momentum towards decriminalization at the federal level is strong.
  • The market dynamic is allowing Canadian-based companies with access to capital to strategically invest in the United States cannabis industry at favourable multiples.

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