A multi-jurisdictional platform.
Our Assets

Our U.S. investments are initially focused in recreationally legalized states.

  • CordovaCann is consolidating production and processing businesses across multiple jurisdictions to license and develop products on a larger scale while leveraging joint sales and marketing efforts of the products across all operations.
  • CordovaCann is utilizing disruptive technologies and new intellectual property to genetically edit the cannabis plant which will provide us with a significant advantage in producing flower and marketing products that cannot be matched in terms of formulation or price.
  • We are structuring transactions with very attractive returns given the lack of investment capital available to the U.S. cannabis market and the desire of operators to join CordovaCann’s strong platform which can enable growth and institutionalize operations.

Our Assets


Marijuana Infused Production facility located in Denver


Mixed Use Tier II Production facility located outside of Portland


Property with a Medical Marijuana Establishment Production license and an application for a processing license in Las Vegas


Property with production, processing and distribution licenses in Humboldt County

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